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    I am having problems with Windows Explorer especially any folder that contains Video files.
    Performance is useless, i was having slow access on a network drive but i have moved the folder and even creating a folder off my desktop isn't really helping.
    I have 2 explorer windows open, 1 pointing to a sub folder on my desktop, the other to a folder on a USB drive.  When moving files from the desktop folder to the USB drive, explorer keeps displaying the green progress bar in the adress section of BOTH windows, and performance practically stops, the green bar keeps reappearing anytime i move or rename or even sometimes click on a file in either window.
    Then once i have successfully moved a file from one location to the other, if i press F5 to refresh the view in the source folder, the file that i have just moved out mysteriously reappears there.  I cannot of course delete it because it isn't really there, i can't open it either.  If (just to be awkward) i attempt to rename it, i am told i need administration access to do that, altho if i provide access then i fails.
    I am sure if i restart Windows they will dissappear, but i have to ask what Windows is doing?
    I created a 10gb Video file and i could not get Windows to delete it, whenever i clicked on the file, Windows hung with the green progress bar constantly trying to get to the end, in the end i had to access the folder using an XP machine and then delete it (XP did it instantly).
    Obviously, Windows 7 is doing something (trying to create a thumbnail or analysing the file to provide additional information or something) but whatever it is, could it do it in the background and let normal actions (like actually listing the filename or deleting the file) take precedent as at the moment i am finding it hopeless at managing large files, especially Video files.
    Friday, June 5, 2009 12:47 PM