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  • What does VISTA do to HD (boot sector??) to cause this?


    - Fresh install of VISTA (Home Premium) on Compaq V2000 with 1.2 gig of RAM.

    - Processor is obviously not capable, maxing out constantly, causing system to 'stutter.'

    - Trying to reinstall XP from factory disks.

    - Reinstall runs untill point where computer reports "starting xp" and then the system shuts down completely.

    - Tried other XP install disks, same result. System shuts down at same point every time.

    - Install never gets to point where disk format/partitioning is an option.

    - After rebooting VISTA will start without problems...


    I am stuck with a beautiful os on a computer that's too slow to run it.

    Thursday, April 19, 2007 9:47 PM