Calculated member does not need cube to be reprocessed while script command does


  • HI there:

      In the cube Calculations Tab, when I create calculated member such as delta between this year sales and last year sales, I could see this measure right after saving. HOwever, when I add script (such as scope),something like below:

    SCOPE  ([Datatool_Staples].[Calculation].[YTD]); 
         THIS = 
            AGGREGATE (
                YTD ([Checkoutdate].[Staples Fiscal Year Calendar].CurrentMember),
               [Datatool_Staples].[Calculation].[Real Value]

    I have to reprocess the whole cube in order to see the results.

     My question: Is there anyway to avoid as it takes around 30 mins to have a full process on cube level



    --Currently using Reporting Service 2000; Visual Studio .NET 2003; Visual Source Safe SSIS 2008 SSAS 2008, SVN --

    Friday, July 04, 2014 9:56 PM


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