Internet Explorer Settings GPO, Non Consistent Results


  • Our Internet Explorer settings are controlled by a GPO. We have added our Intranet/SharePoint as a trusted site. Some people get a login prompt when opening/saving a document on SharePoint. We also have a GPO with a registry setting to prevent the SharePoint login prompts. It seems to work almost everyone else.

    Here is what I know:

    On machine A (my machine): I can login and access SharePoint file with no prompts
                          Mary logs in and receives a prompt to login when she attempts to open or save the same file

    Machine B: I get the prompt to login to open or save files
                     Mary also gets the prompt to login or open or save files

    -If it was a computer configuration setting, why does my system not prompt me, but prompts Mary?
    -If it were a user configuration setting, why does it not prompt me on my system, but it does on another system? And prompts Mary on both?
    -I have compared her GPOs to mine and the only difference is mine shows my local group policy is denied with reason empty. Hers is applied.
    -On Google chrome there are no prompts.



    Thursday, November 12, 2015 2:46 PM