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    I have a documentation which asks from me to create a Gantt Chart and at the same time:
    1) present a chart in which I highlight only the critical path - Does M Project has an inbuilt setting in which I can show ONLY the critical path? I just select from the from "VIEW" the "Highlight" section the "Critical" Option, or do I need to make additional selections?

    2) present the productivity rates - after entering the resources and the time for every activity, does M Project has an inbuilt setting which shows me the productivity rates.

    3. Present a Pert Chart => The Pert Chart is the network Diagram

    I'm sorry if my questions are stupid or hard to follow. I am not a native English speaker. :)

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  • PeterHello1,

    1. Add the Critical field as a column in the Gantt Chart view. Then activate the autofilter for a "yes" in that column.

    2. Project has various ways of showing resource usage, the Resource Usage view probably being the most useful. However, you'll have to define what you mean by "productivity rates" before we can guide you further.

    3. Project has two views, Descriptive Network Diagram and Network Diagram. Both are under View > Task views > Other views.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Click the view tab. See the filters. Drop the list to see the built in filters, which includes the critical filter.

    Also, click the format tab, and check the box for critical. Critical tasks will be red bars.

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