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  • I just built new PC in following configuration:

    Intel i7-4770 CPU
    Asus Z87-Plus motherboard
    32 G RAM
    Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Boost graphics
    2x2TB WD Caviar Black 7200 RPM hard drives (WD2002FAEX)

    It will run Windows 7x64 as a primary OS.

    Main reason for 2 hard drives is not because I need that much space but so that I can keep .VHD-s for virtual machines on the drive other than the main drive.

    The reason for 32 GB of RAM is again to run multiple Windows Server VMs at once to experiment with SQL Server and other technologies.

    I am now pondering how to partition my main drive. My current work PC and laptop both have 300 GB main partition with about 120 GB used on PC and 140 GB used on laptop. I don't have any huge media collections and I don't game, so game don't use up multiple gigabytes each but I do like demo apps that showcase latest in 3D graphics development. My main usage is for software development.

    My partitioning objective is to make things manageable for occasional (weekly?) full/incremental drive image backups on external USB3 hard drive. I don't need to backup, say, latest demo or Linux ISO I've downloaded. I do need my OS, applications I use for work and documents/source code backed up (I will run additional daily file backup just for documents/source code).

    So what I am thinking is to make primary partition (C:) 500 GB which should last me "forever". OS, all important applications, documents, source code and anything else that needs to be backed up on regular basis will go there.

    Then I will make another 500 GB primary partition (D:) on which all replaceable large downloads will go and non-critical large apps that I don't care to backup will be installed. In general, nothing from D: will be backed up. Also, if I ever need to dual-boot I will probably install second instance of Windows on D:

    By this time I already have 3 primary partitions: System Reserved, C: and D:

    So in remaining 0.8GB or so I plan to create extended partition where I can create any number of logical drives for any other purpose.

    As I mentioned above virtual machines will be on another hard drive and I will not back them up often (if at all - they won't have anything important on them).

    What do you think?
    Friday, July 12, 2013 7:58 PM

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  • What do you think?

    You have no recovery partition to repair your installation, i.e., you trust that you always can boot a rescue CD (or USB), and that this CD/DVD/USB actually works when you need it.  Some related stuff like reagentc /boottore won't work without recovery partition.  Most likely that's no real problem as long as you know it.

    On my box I found that the optical drive doesn't work anymore, and that "killed" my repair CD.  An external USB CD/DVD-drive didn't work as boot drive.  A thumb drive with PC DOS 7.1 still worked, and I had a DOS tool to flag the windows partition as "active" instead of the system partition, where diskpart managed to clobber the real BCD while I was playing with a SysInternals Disk2VHD clone of the recovery + system partitions.

    In other words, maybe use bcdboot to get an ersatz-BCD in C:\boot\BCD, then you can activate the windows partition if the system partition is unusable and no other rescue medium works. 


    Saturday, July 13, 2013 9:12 PM