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  • Hi Guys,  I have looked all over for a specific answer but with no avail.  Hope you can clear the air and lend a hand.

    We are currently running 2008 R2 TS environment.  Most folders have been redirected to the users home drive.  Appdata however is redirected to the users profile roaming profile directory.  In ADUC under remote desktop services profile we have created the following \\server\ts$\tsprofile\%username%.  The folder is created without any problems.  It is created with username.v2 extension.  Now in GPO, we redirect appdata(roaming) by using basic redirection to the root of the following location \\server\ts$\tsprofile.  Now when we do this, it creates another profile for the user without the .v2 extension and puts the appdata folder in there.  Now why does it not put it in the username.v2 profile???  User is logging only into a 2008 R2 TS server.  This makes it a pain for us as now they have 2 profiles.

    Can you please explain if this behaviour is by design? or are we doing something wrong.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • It's not a great idea to redirect AppData to the same location as the roaming profile. The idea of redirected folders is to move those folders out of the profile, so placing the redirected folder into the same location as the profile is asking for trouble.

    If they are in the same locaiton, Windows will attempt to copy the profile down to the local machine while at the same time redirecting a folder out of the local profile back to the network.

    So what you are seeing is most likely by design - use another location for AppData redirection.


    Looking at this from another point of view - AppData redirection is not a great solution as you are moving a problem from logon/logoff to application launch. You will find some applications that just can't handle AppData being redirected. A better solution is to use a roaming profile replacement product such as Immidio Flex Profiles: http://immidio.com/flexprofiles/

    Thursday, December 2, 2010 9:40 AM