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  • I have consistently been replicating a memory leak using .NET applications (WPF, Silverlight OOB) with accessibility tools active (Microsoft Narrator, Windows Speech Recognition).

    Steps To Replicate

      • Start a simple .NET application (see notes).
      • Open Windows Task Manager and observe the memory usage of the relevant process throughout.
      • With no accessibility tools running, interact with the application.
      • Start Windows Speech Recognition (or Microsoft Narrator).
      • Interact with the application using Speech Recognition (or interact with the application while Narrator is running).


    Memory usage should not increase continuously at steps 3 or 5, however when following the steps, memory usage increases continuously at step 5 (i.e. when accessibility tools are active).


    • This has been replicated this using both WPF applications and Silverlight OOB test applications.
    • The applications load new controls when a button is clicked.
    • The applications use unmodified .NET controls in the System.Windows.Controls namespace.


    • This was previously logged against the .NET Framework to Microsoft Connect.
      • The item was closed by the Visual Studio team, as they identified it as an issue with the Windows OS rather than the .NET Framework.
      • They have apparently raised the issue with the Windows team, but I am yet to hear back from them.
      • They suggested that the issue be raised with Microsoft Community (see below)
    • This was then raised against the Windows OS, with Microsoft Community.
    • They advised that it be logged to TechNet.

    If anyone knows of a workaround that does not involve turning off automation entirely, that would be a great help! I am looking to help my program make use of these accessibility features.

    Additionally, please add comments if you can replicate this issue, and I will update this item if I hear any further from Microsoft.

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  • Link to Microsoft Connect issue

    Link to Microsoft Community post

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