Group Policies Stopped Applying!


  • Weird issue, I had a user report to me the other day that her drive mapping was gone. Then after a computer restart all drive maps for my account disappeared. Then I get a call that a user that COULD remote in, was no longer able to. THEN the domain admin account stopped being able to remote in.

    I am the only network administrator, absolutely zero changes were made to GPOs or ADUC weeks prior to any of this happening.

    gpresult /r does not show any of the drive map policies applying.

    gpresult /r is not allowing me to see computer settings and says Access Denied when I explicitly ask for them.

    My account is a member of the Enterprise Admins and builtin\Administrators groups.

    Group Policy Results in GPMC does not show the GPOs being applied.

    Drive Map GPOs show my account is a member of the group it's being applied to.

    There are zero errors in the Event Logs of either the server or the workstation I'm logging into.

    GPOs are Link Enabled / No existing GPOs override the drive maps

    Drives are mapping DFS shares, if that makes any difference.

    Wednesday, June 22, 2016 9:03 PM


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