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  • I have an Acer Aspire 5315 with Windows Vista Home Premium orginally installed. 1 1/2 years ago i updated to Windows 7 Ultimate and have been running without problems ever since, until last week.

    It all started when connected an extra Monitor, Flatron L1718S all though I do not think that my problems have anything to do with the Monitor, because it all was running smoothly, but I noticed that I could not open Windows Messenger. My shortcuts didn't react, and even a RUN Messenger didn't help, so i tried to repair broken shortcuts and rebooted several times even in safemode but nothing helped. Messenger would not open.

    I then went into a forum and I thought that it was this, but i can not be sure as I can not see the browsing history on my computer, as i can not logon.

    But an answer on the forum was that there was some settings, in my win32/system that there was possibly not on the appropiate settings. I checked that and one of the settings, out of 3, was set to manual while the other two was set to automatic and I thought that it was worth to try, to change the one on manual to automatic. But before I did that, I made a System backup on a external harddrive, just to make sure that I could restore if something went wrong. Which showed, later on, that it was not clever enough. I maked the change and rebooted for that the change could take effect. Since I have not been able to log-on to my laptop.

    When i start the laptop, the boot screen comes up, Prepare to boot to OS, after that a Tweeked window, I have had for now over a year, which warn un-authorized users to close the computer. There is only one button on that window, OK and the window is with exactly the same design as the log-on window, just not with the oppotunity to write the username and password. That screen continue to repet itself over and over again, so i can see that it is the win32 setting, that I changed before, that was a mistake, but now I can't logon to my computer to change it back, as the logon window do not open anymore.

    I have tried nearly anything to come in to my system, but nothing seems to work.

    The bootable Windows 7 disk do not work either, as the CD/DVD drive only seems to try to read the disk, but stop after a short while.

    I have tried nearly all the F key solutions I can think of, but nothing help.

    Please, are there somebody who know how I can get in to my computer again, then I will be really thankfull,  just I get in, then I should be able to change the rest and solve the other problems.   

    Wednesday, February 15, 2012 2:29 AM


  • Hi,

    According the issue, I would like to confirm the following and collect some detail information:

    1. What did you change in system settings?
    2. Can you receive the System Recovery Option by pressing F8 key before the Windows logo appears?
    3. Have you changed the settings in BIOS configuration when trying to boot from DVD drive?

    Since we cannot receive the log on page and cannot boot the computer from DVD, I suggest you use another keyboard to check if we can restart the computer in Safe Mode.

    Best regards,
    Della li

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