customXML content deleted from Azure RMS-protected .docx file RRS feed

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    I have noticed a quite disturbing behavior that I would like to get some feedback on..

    I have a Word docx file that has some customXML added to it (as in - an xml file is added to the customXML folder in the docx file
    After this has been done, the document is protected with an Azure RMS template - so far so good

    Now, a user can submit a document to a piece of software for various reasons, that needs to be able to read the content of this customXml part. This is done by unprotecting the document via powershell when I receive it, and read the content  by normal means.
    On documents that has not yet been edited and saved by a user (a pristine doc), I can see that the docx filestructure correctly contains the folder customXML and I can read from it without a problem

    But.. As soon as a user has opened the rms-protected document and edited some text or whatever and saves the document, the customXML node is simply GONE from the docx filestructure, after the document is unprotected by my software..

    Can anyone explain why this is or if its a bug and if it is, when it will be fixed?
    It is certainly unexpected behavior from my point of view

    I'm really looking forward to getting some feedback on this
    If you have any questions or would like anything elaborated, please dont hesitate to ask and I will answer to the ebst of my abilities


    Friday, March 11, 2016 12:38 PM