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  • I would like to list few features that windows is lacking of and which is why not all the computer/software developer prefer it.

    1) Very good user interface

    2) Developer & administrations tools (you have to buy separate OS for networking, quite frustratating!)

    3) Software supports from microsoft

    4) Always be layman's OS, not developer friedly

    5) Very much error/crash prone

    6) CMD is not that strong that you won't need anything else (Try konsole, on linux)


    Please add more features that you feel that windows should have.



    Monday, October 18, 2010 10:14 AM

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  • The UI aint as good as other OS's i agrea but you can tell alot of work as bin put it into it.

    Windows 7 has alot of networking features, the key thing is that there OS's a designed for specific markets, lookin at your comments then a server OS would be beter instead of a client OS

    Develope wise the likes of linux all there developer software, and most of the software infact that is provided is open source software, of which the vast majority of this software there is also a windows version which is also on the open source license, at the end of the day windows is an operating system and under its definition microsoft is providing a OS that is doing the job it is designed for.

    CMD i agrea isn't that powerfull, but there is an alternative Microsoft PowerShell which is free and is very powerfull and also supports a vast amount of unix commands


    you could wait till a beta test of windows 7 sp1 comes out and then download it and test it and then use that as i prime time to mention any new features you think should be added


    Sunday, October 31, 2010 2:45 AM