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  • We are having a problem printing heat maps from IE 11 on a single page but only from a few machines. The heat maps are sized on the web page to print on a single page and they do from both Firefox and Chrome. However, in IE 11 it's like it has zoomed in to about 300% of normal and ends up being split across three pages with everything on the page magnified. This only happens with our heat maps. We have other maps on the same web site that print just fine on a single page from IE 11.

    By testing we have determined that the problem is either machine or browser specific on certain machines only. All of the machines that have the problem are Windows 7 OS with IE 11 version 11.0.9600.18499, Update Versions: 11.0.36 (KB3191492). The browsers are set to install new versions automatically. The kicker is that other machines that don't have the problem are also running Windows 7 and the exact same version of IE 11. So, it almost has to be a specific setting in the browser or maybe something different in the registry of the individual machines. Since it's only a few machines here at our office we wouldn't worry except that the web site, when all the wrinkles are ironed out will be available to the general public. It is currently being used by a couple of hundred beta testers who might want to print these heat maps for their clients. We figure if it's happening on a few machines here in the office, it's bound to happen to other users, too.

    Is this a known problem or have we found something entirely new.

    Monday, November 14, 2016 7:19 PM

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  • Hi Martian,\ /

    use the Print Preview function to first adjust the printing zooming and page size adjustments before sending it to a hard printing device (physical Printer, PDF Printer, MS OneNote etc). The print preview dialog has knobs and dials for Orientation, Scale (% or shrink to fit) and general hard printer settings (Paper size, colors or monochrome etc)...

    File>Print Preview

    tip: users can add a Print Preview button to their IE Command bar, to make it easier to first preview any printable content before actually sending it to a hard printing device.

    to adjust which Command buttons appear on the IE Command bar, right click on the IE Command bar and select the Customize>Add or remove Commands context menu.... locate the Print and Print preview commands in the left hand pane and move them to the right hand pane.... use the up and down buttons (on the Command bar customization dialog) to adjust the position of Command buttons on the IE Command bar.

    Printing outcomes can be affected by the user settings for zoom (View>Zoom menu in IE...ctrl+0 to reset + zoom settings on the Advanced tab of Internet Options), user Stylesheets & accessibility settings(general tab of Internet Options>Accessibility button) and pinch zoom values (affects svg content, but not markup content)....

    Compare the settings for the General tab>Accessibility button and the Advanced tab of internet options for those machines that are good and bad. Also check Tools>Compatibility View Settings, which options have they checked (expected "Include updated website lists from Microsoft" and no user added domains in the user list of domains that use Compatibility view)

    You can then adjust your user Profile with IEAK Profile Manager or GPO or whatever you are using for machine configuration management to lock down Internet Options, to prevent users from 'trying to fix it themselves'... On public access computers you would ideally disable Internet Options completely, and only allow a limited set of IE menus and commands.

    Printing outcomes depend also on how a web page has been programmed with @media queries, which can show or hide or ignore content depending on which device it is writing to (screen, printer, brail terminal). These @media affected outcomes are out of your control and depend on the skill of the web site programmers....

    for questions about html, css and scripting of web sites please post to the following external forum

    (If possible include with your posts a link to your website or a mashup hosted on your server or on a mashup portal like jsfiddle, with your questions)

    'heatmaps' use <img> tags which can be sized with the height and width attributes.. ideally you should replace any 'heatmap' design pattern that uses <img> elements with and equivalent html5 canvas or svg design pattern.....hence it is important that you include testable links to your web page code with your questions.

    Web sites that were designed for earlier versions of IE (is your company using Enterprise Site Mode Lists for intranet sites?) may also produce unexpected printing outcomes, because of the use of proprietary to MSIE browsers, markup and styling.... this will depend on which Emulation Mode (aka documentMode) that you are using in your Enterprise Site Mode Lists (you can also use inline x-ua headers or meta tags, the MS Compatibility view lists).



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    Monday, November 14, 2016 9:38 PM