FMI - Clients only pre-download subset of updates RRS feed

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  • * clients configured to Download and Notify for needed updates.

    * One client (for example) and WSUS server report 12 updates needed but only 3 were downloaded.

    * client GUI shows all 12 as ready to install and if I run update, all 12 will install without error.

    I've seen this behavior constantly and consider it "by design" - but when scripting updates this can cause a problem.  The question is: "Why are only a subset of Needed updates  downloaded, not all of them?"  Superseded updates are not part the issue - I've declined all superseded updates.  All 12 updates are Needed and will install when I run the updates.

    My expected behavior is all needed updates are downloaded and waiting on the machine to be given the install command but that doesn't happen in a lot of cases.  I often see clients with 5 needed, 2 downloaded or 7 Needed, 5 downloaded, etc.  I've seen this behavior in multiple environments so it seems to be part of the normal function of WSUS.  Everything works, just I don't understand the pre-download of only a subset of the Needed updates.

    Because of this, when I script the installation I first check to see if the update "AlreadyDownloaded = True," if so I skip and if not then download the update.  I wish I could skip this step and just run the installation command from PowerShell, but if only some of the updates are present, then I have to download the rest first.


    Monday, August 19, 2019 8:49 PM