Tape Contents for offline tapes RRS feed

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  • I am able to get a listing of all tapes known to DPM  using the view Vw_DPM_Media.

    What I need is the same  information that I get with tapes on-line by clicking "View Tape Contents". How do I go about get this for all tapes known to DPM including offline.


    Thursday, February 6, 2014 2:25 AM


  • Hi,

    You can use this SQL query and home in based on creation date and / or barcode.

    use dpmdb  -- change as necessary
    set @StartDate = '2014-01-01'  --yyyy-mm-dd
    set @EndDate = '2014-01-06'    --yyyy-mm-dd
    select Server.netbiosname,
    rob.caption as "drive letter",rob.ComponentName,media.Label,media.BarcodeValue,pd.CreationDate,pd.ExpiryDate 
    from dbo.tbl_MM_MediaMap mm
    join dbo.tbl_MM_PhysicalDataset pd on pd.datasetid = mm.datasetid 
    join dbo.tbl_MM_Media media on media.MediaId = mm.MediaId 
    join dbo.tbl_RM_RecoverableObjectFileSpec ro on ro.DatasetId = mm.DatasetId   -- get protected datasource path and display ro.Path,ro.FileSpec
    join dbo.tbl_RM_RecoverableObject rob on rob.RecoverableObjectId = ro.RecoverableObjectId
    join tbl_ARM_DataSource arm on arm.DatasourceSequenceNumber = rob.DatasourceSequenceNumber 
    join tbl_IM_DataSource IM on IM.DataSourceId = arm.DatasourceId
    join dbo.tbl_AM_Server Server on server.ServerId = im.ServerId
    where LifeStatus = 1  -- not expired
    --and media.barcodevalue like '%A12018%' --barcode 
    and pd.CreationDate between @startdate and @enddate  --backup made between certain dates as entered above
    order by pd.CreationDate desc

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    Thursday, February 6, 2014 10:15 PM