How to have a document in a document library with different languages but same metadata?


  • Hi,

    i need to have the same document in different languages in a document library but with always the same metadata. Means if the user changes the metadata of one language the others should be synchronized.

    How could i achieve this?

    I thought about having the documents in the same document library with a column called language. There i could store the language information of the document. But i have more columns like product version, product name, category etc. These information are always the same on each document.

    Problem 1: How could i sync the metadata information between the documents?

    Problem 2: How could i identify the documents as one? I mean i could have 3 documents 1 for german, 1 for english and 1 for french, but i need to know that these three are one document and belong together.

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    Yavuz B.

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    Thursday, July 04, 2013 7:59 PM


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