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  • Where going to upgrade all of our Windows 7 systems to Windows 10, we are currently W7 x86 and use a third party disk encryption agent, so we'll be wiping and re-loading with W10 x64 and BitLocker. Everything is working great but I have an issue with migrating user data via USMT and State Migration Points. The issue is restoring the system as when we initially back a system up, the naming convention used is our x86 naming convention, and on restore, it's now using our x64 naming convention. SCCM tracks the names and tries to restore the right (I think, as it has the location in the OSD logs), that's not the issue, what is an issue is the permissions applied after backup, which use the machine account of the W7 object, which doesn't match the new object name on restore. I can think of a few workarounds like renaming the computer before backup or naming the restored object the same name until after the restore process but I hate both of them, in the event of any failure it would have to be reversed. Is there no way to control permissions or use custom permissions with State Migration Points? I suppose I could run USMT manually and control location and permissions manually but there must be someone out there that's run into this before?



    Sunday, April 16, 2017 2:59 AM


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