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  • Dear Madame or Sir


    I am writing to require some help with steady state.

    Last summer we installed this system in our school computer room. In the beginning we had no problem. Then the updates ran automatically during the lessons and the pupils could not work during this time (about 15 minutes). It would not disturb our business, when those updates not would redownload nearly every time we need the maschines.

    Is this possible, that steady state delete its own download? Or why do the comoputers again and again do updates?


    Since two weeks we have one problem more. Could that be, that two of our maschines run black because of steady state? You can see the courser, but the rest is black. Also in the "sure modus" (sorry, I do not know the word in English). The whole screen is black. First one of the maschines showed this problem and now the second. Could exist a relation between steady state and this strange behaviour of our computers? I have to confess, that our computers are not the bests: pentium III and the harddisk is nearly fully booked.


    I hope, I could express my problem properly or enough clearly, that you understand my matter.


    I am looking forward to hearing from you


    Yours sincerely


    Pia Zimmermann


    Monday, January 12, 2009 10:09 AM