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  • Since a couple of days, when double-clicking on a ***Desktop*** Shortcut I get the warning "Do you want to open this File?". For example, I get this warning when double-clicking on my Desktop Shortcut for "Microsoft Word Starter"

    Strangely, when clicking on a shortcut that I stored in another folder, I do not get the problem. Even if I copy the Desktop Shortcut for "Microsoft Word Starter" from the desktop to another Folder of my C: disk and when double-clicking on the copied shortcut, I do ***not*** get this problem.

    Even if am not at all a PC expert, I have the (right? or wrong?) impression, that the problem is not a general problem of my PC but is instead a problem associated with the Desktop of my PC.

    Can you please help me?


    1) I have seen a lot of suggestions for similar problems (i.e. problems related to shortcuts in the Start Bar, or problems related to all shortcuts of the PC,...... these solutions seem to lower the overall security protection of my whole PC, and I am not interested in such solutions. I am looking for a solution for the problems of the shortcuts located on my desktop)

    2) My PC is an up-to-date Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit (German language Version of Windows). I have downloaded/installed with "Windows Update" all updates

    3) Some of my recent activities on my PC are:

    3a) I have probably (but my memory is not excellent and I can be wrong) copied the Desktop Folder (located in C:\USERS) \my-name\) to another partition and then later-on restored the copied version to C:\USERS\my-name\   
    Is this perhaps the explanation for my problems (e.g. the restored copy may perhaps not be considered anymore by Windows as being "safe")? If that is the case, how can I fix the problem?

    3b) I have mapped on my PC an internal Disk of another PC (located in the same Wi-Fi Home Network) to a drive letter.

    3c) I have recently changed the drive letter of a partition (used to store data - not to store the OS or Applications) of my PC from "F" to "D" ...and have moved "My Documents", "My Pictures", .... First from "F" to "C" and then from "C" to "D".  I guess that this has nothing to do with my problem but I thought, that I should nevertheless mention it. 

    Thanks in advance


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