Application Deployment Issues Using MDT2010 Update 1


  • Hi,

    Firstly, just for info, I come from a UNIX background and am very unfamiliar with Modern Microsoft toolsets. This is also my first posts to these forums.

    I'm looking for some help with the above.

    I have a HP workstation which has been installed with 2008R2 - it's  fully patched up with Hyper-V Role / WAIK & MDT2010 Update 1 installed.

    My task is to familiarise myself with automated deployments of Operating Systems & Applications.

    To that end, I have a number of "Reference Build" VMs running on this box which are mostly WIN7.

    I've managed to configure MDT to deplopy the OS to the VMs without issue - I've also managed to deploy the OS with an integrated application (office 2007) successfully.

    However, I'm having great difficulty deploying an application (again office 2007) to a VM with an existing OS.  I've read several pages of forum / search results without success.

    I've tried to create a "Custom Task" within the Task Sequencer which just installs an application and i've also tried to "Disable" the "Install" sequence step from within the process list  for a task that completes OS deployment succesfully.

    I'm seeing the task abort abnormally, and then have to go in and remove the c:\minint & _SMS????? directories to get the vm booting again.

    Can anybody please offer any advice?

    Can MDT rollout Apps to existing Systems without re-deploying the OS?


    Thursday, March 22, 2012 1:41 PM

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  • Yes, MDT can deploy application without installing OS.

    Create a custom task sequence and add your application there.

    Then you start litetouch.vbs from \\mdtserver\deploymentshare\scripts.
    When LiteTouch Deployment Wizard starts you will get a bunch of questions. Some questions will seem unnecessary for your custom app-only task. To skip a question you can edit customsettings.ini by providing properties. More info is available in the manual on page "Providing Properties for Skipped Windows Deployment Wizard Pages". If you search for the word skip, I think it will be the first result.

    In the customsettings.ini you provide the properties in the general section.
    Here is an example

    You can also override the customsettings.ini with command line arguments. It looks a little different.
    \\mdtserver\deploymentshare\scripts\litetouch.vbs /AdminPassword:MyOtherPassword

    It is also worth mention that if the command line will be very long it can be hard to read. Instead you create a second customettings.ini file and start the deployment with
    \\mdtserver\deploymentshare\scripts\litetouch.vbs /rulesfile:"\\mdtserver\deploymentshare\control\ServerSettings.ini"


    Friday, March 23, 2012 10:49 AM