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  • OK, we are new to Office 365 just migrated to it in the 30 days.   I've enabled RMS and in the Azure Management Portal there are some templates that were already setup.  

    Company name - Confidential

    Company name - Confidential View Only

    In Outlook these work as designed along with the built in permission of "Do Not Forward"  with occasional glitches such as the user receiving the email can't view it and gets an error in the outlook client.  They change emails, and then go back to it a couple minutes later and it displays as it should.  

    We wanted to change the default two policies names to be more specific at what the rule does.  These default 2 policies can not be edited, but they can be archived.   

    So I attempted to create NEW templates that mimicked what they do.  However they do not work the same at all.  Any template I make in here, when it does finally show up in outlook doesn't work. (Another question is how to refresh the list in Outlook on demand)   

    Sometimes it says I do not have permission, do you want to open with different credentials.  

    With the ones I create they come through as an attachment that can't be opened.   I've had them come through but the do not copy didn't work.  I was able to copy, or the other user was able to copy.  

    Why do the default ones work, but anything I create does't work?  I've tried to use the exact same rules as the default ones.   Why do they not show up in OWA?    How can I get the list of templates to refresh in Outlook?  How can I rename the built in 2 default ones?  

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    Wednesday, November 4, 2015 5:27 PM

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  • What method did you use to create the new templates?
    The best method is to copy the original ones because they have the global groups for your entire tenant added.

    to download templates immediately: This can be achieved by removing the following registry value:

    Settings\Software\Microsoft\MSIPC\<Server Name> \Template

    REG_SZ: LastUpdatedTime

    This will ensure that the next time the client will download the
    new set of templates right away.

    Also you can change how often it checks (daily is the most


    REG_DWORD: TemplateUpdateFrequency

    Value: An integer value that specifies the number of days
    between downloads.

    The RMS Sharing Application may not reflect this change
    immediately either, so you can delete the following key to force it:


    Friday, November 6, 2015 10:42 PM