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  • Hello,

    I have a Tosiba Satellite M40X Laptop.

    When the ATI display driver is installed, there is a blue screen caused by an infitive loop caused by the ATI2DVAG.DLL. With the OEM Version of Windows XP, the machine is not working any longer.

    When a complete Windows XP is installed, it is possible to delete all ATI* files on the hard disk (Protected / Safe mode, search all files ATI then delete).  Then, at a resolution of 1024 * 768, the machine is working correctly without any problems.

    BUT: You have to format the hard disk. It does not help to install both versions.

    Once the ATI driver is installed again, the problems reappear. It does not help to download the latest driver from the TOSHIBA webiste. I have already loaded newer drivers from the net via special programs but even with that it was not possible to solve the problem. It seems to me that the machine is working better with the newer driver. It was possible to execute the Hardware check (software included by Toshiba) without any problem, when the newer driver (driver detection program) was installed without any problem.

    I was able to check the device manager when the machine was not working correctly. There, I saw that there was an interference between the driver of the PCI bridge and the ATI driver.

    E/A-Bereich 03B0 - 03BB wird verwendet von:
      PCI Standard-PCI-zu-PCI-Brücke
    E/A-Bereich 03C0 - 03DF wird verwendet von:
      PCI Standard-PCI-zu-PCI-Brücke
    Speicherbereich 000A0000 - 000BFFFF wird verwendet von:
      PCI Standard-PCI-zu-PCI-Brücke

    I am woandering why the problems start (when the ATI driver is installed) just after startup of the machine, even before or while you can see TOSIHBA for the first time.  There is no difference if you disconnect the machine from electricity and battery before. That's why I belive that there is a problem that is persisting while the computer is without energy (BIOS).

    I have already updated to the latest drivers and to the latest BIOS (from Toshilba)

    The TOSHIBA support asked me to bring in my laptop to test out the Hardware. But, in my opinion, there is no hardware damage. The Problem is Toshiba and / or ATI.

    Where are the latest drivers ? I have run Windows Update, I have loaded the latest driver from the TOSHIBA website -why are there newer drivers ?

    Why is it possible to get version 8 of the ATI driver by RADAR SYNC when Version 6 is available on the TOSHIBA website at the same time ?

    Toshiba does not provide the latest drivers and asks to bring in the laptop for a hardware check. This service is very good.

    I always wanted to buy a new TOSHIBA but with that kind of service ....

    Does anyone have the same kind of problem or a solution for that ?

    You can e-mail me in German, French or English.


    m a r k u s - 1 9 6 9 @ g m x . d e

    Greetings & thanx



    Until now, the following was helpful:

    1) backup your data

    2) re-install windows with the original CD, better: a windows version withot special drivers of your system

    3) then:

    download your drivers with RADARSYNC


    and backup them

    4) reformat and reinstall windows (to delete all kind of older drivers you might have installed to downlaod the newer drivers)

    5) install the drivers you have downloaded

    6) update windows to SP3 etc. pp. - please do not upgrade windows earlier beacause that might disable the installation of the hardware drivers.

    The date of the original posting is


    Now (22/nov/08) the machine is running much better. But, in addition to that, the following steps have to be done:

    7) download and install DRIVERAGENT (www.driveragent.com)

    8) Scan your system

    9) try to get the latest drivers for the elder drivers (DRIVERAGENT tells you if newer drivers are available) by entering the description of the device in google.com

    10) install the drivers.

    or: Send me an e-mail (see above).

    It is not a malfunction of the hardware, the problem exists because different devices are sharing the same I/O and / or IRQ.

    Now, if the display is not working correctly, it is sufficent to boot the computer in the protected mode and to close windows; then, if you restart the computer, everything is fine.

    Friday, November 14, 2008 9:03 PM