oEnvironment.Exists for listitem type? RRS feed

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  • Using MDT release 8450 

    I have established a custom task sequence variable that is an listitem lets call it "mylist"  as in oEnvironment.ListItem("mylist") and it has a couple of values.

    When I dump TS vars out of the task sequence, I can see values assigned like



    In a custom VBScript  if I do a oEnvironment.Exists("mylist"), it returns false.  Should it?

    Is there a different oEnvironment.Exists for ListItem?

    I want to proceed in my script differently based on whether the "mylist" task sequence variable "mylist" listitem exists

    Is it safe to just evaluate mylist001 to see if THAT exists instead?  Should oEnvironment.Exists return True if the listitem exists?

    Thursday, September 27, 2018 7:42 PM