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  • Using WinXP SP2.  I go into Control Panel, Display and say NONE to the screen saver option but it keeps turning itself back on in 10 minutes.  (I'm clicking the Apply button.)  It helps if I change the minutes to 999, click Apply, then select NONE, then Apply but eventually the screen saver comes back on.  For some reason this is very annoying. 

    Can anyone help me turn the screen saver off so that it stays off?  There must be a check mark somewhere that I don't know to look for or and HKey thingy that needs to be edited.  I know this is a little thing but it's driving me nutsSad


    Friday, November 30, 2007 1:34 AM

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  • Hi Charlene,


    Before we go further, I would appreciate your help in clarifying the following questions:


    1. When did this issue begin to occur?

    2. Do you have SteadyState installed on the computer?

    3. If NONE was selected as screen saver, what happens to screen after 10 minutes of idle?


    Based on my experience, please also check the power option to make sure monitor is not Turned Off after a period of time.


    1. Open Control Panel, switch to classic view.

    2. Click Power Options, under Power Schemes tab, configure the following options to “Never”


    ·         Turn off monitor

    ·         Turn off hard disks

    ·         System standby


    3. Test this issue again.


    Please also understand that this forum mainly focus on SteadyState issues. If SteadyState is not involved in this issue, I recommend posting this to Windows XP public newsgroup for further assistance:



    The reason why we recommend posting appropriately is you will get the most qualified pool of respondents, and other customers who read the newsgroups regularly can either share their knowledge or learn from your interaction with us. Thank you for your understanding.


    Best Regards,

    Friday, November 30, 2007 9:25 AM
  • Thanks for responding.  As far as I know I do not have STEADYSTATE installed.  I should probably post to the public forum - I appreciate you supplying the link.


    The issue started a couple weeks ago when I reinstalled WinXP.  Things just seem to work better when I start fresh periodially.  I installed all the drivers in the correct order this time, too (smile).  I have been known to forget and get to start over.


    For the power options, I have Always On.  When "plugged in", I have Never, Never, Never.


    I choose None on the screen saver, click Apply.  But after a period of idle time, the screen saver comes on anyway.  Sometimes I change the minutes from 10 to  999, click Apply, then chose None, click Apply.  That seems to keep the screen svaer off longer but either way, the screen saver is going to come on.  When I go back in to look, the WinXP screen saver is selected (rather than None) and the minutes have gone back to 10.  It just changes itself.




    Monday, December 3, 2007 1:33 AM
  • Hi,


    I performed some research and the following workaround may be helpful on this issue:


    1. Click Start and then Run. Type in gpedit.msc and press Enter.

    2. Navigate to the following branch:


    User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Display


    Method 1: In the right panel, configure “Screen Saver” to “Disabled”

    Method 2: Configure Screen Saver Timeout to “Enable” and seconds to ZERO. (If set to zero, the screen saver will not be started.)


    Note: We can also configure both of them to test.


    3. Test this issue again.


    You can also install some trace software to identify what program restored the screen saver settings.  


    Process Explorer v11.04


    Best Regards,


    Friday, December 7, 2007 9:32 AM
  • Hi,

    I run 30 computers in a school lab.  We just installed steadystate.  I also have Spybot TeaTimer installed.  WDP is on but set to retain changes permanently, and the profile is unlocked.  I am making final changes before setting WDP to remove changes.

    Here's the problem.  No matter how many times I turn off the screensaver, when I reboot, I get a message from Spybot TeaTimer telling me that a new registry entry has been added to restore the screensaver.

    You mentioned that Process Explorer can be used to find out which program is adding the entry.  Could you explain how to do this?  Process Explorer looks like it shows live info.  How can I use it to trace back to the event when the registry entry is added?

    For example, when I reboot and get the message that says a new entry has been added, is that when I run Process Explorer?
    Saturday, December 8, 2007 4:41 AM
  • How about the group policies I mentioned above. If the changes were take place at startup. Process Explorer may not be a good manner to trace the changes.


    You can also temporarily change WDP to "Remove all changes at restart" to test.



    Monday, December 10, 2007 9:57 AM