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  • We're building a touch screen kiosk application that will run on POS Ready 2009.  We need to ensure that the application is always running, so we've built a watchdog process that our application pings periodically, and if the watchdog doesn't get a ping, it'll start/restart the app - fairly normal idea.  Our is WPF and requires .net 4 (which is all fine) and we chose to use WCF named pipes for the inter-process communication.  This now seems like a bad idea because I don't think WCF using named pipes is natively supported on POS Ready 2009 and I can't find an where on the internets how to install/configure support for it.

    Any one know if/how I can run my application with WCF named pipes on POS Ready 2009. 


    Sunday, January 9, 2011 11:32 PM


  • Hi ubeetech,

    I'd be happy to help, but I'll need some time to set up an application to match yours. In the mean time, what errors or problems are you getting?  Is it an endpoint not found or access denied? Are UI and watchdog processes in the same session/desktop or is the watchdog inside a service?

    Otherwise, I don't believe there's much in the way of configuration for pipes nor anything that's not installed on POSReady as pipes are everywhere inside of Windows (minus .net), so I'm not sure what to suggest to configure differently.

    Alternatively, another approach might be a shell-launcher type program where a simple, window-less program launches a second and uses a wait event to detect improper shutdown.  In C/C++ this would be CreateProcess + WaitForSingleObject.  In C#, Process.Start/WaitForExit.


    Monday, January 10, 2011 9:00 PM