AGPM Error


  • Hello,

    We are currently using AGPM on a Windows 2012 R2 member server in our domain.  We have been using AGPM  v 4.0 SP3 without issue since September last year and haven't experienced issues until today.  When deploying a GPO today we received the error here : (can't create links or post pictures till account is verified),  this also resulted in all settings within the GPO being removed which if it was not seen as quickly as it was and restored to it's previous state would have caused serious problems after replicating around our domain.

    Could you please let me know what could have caused this issue?  From doing some searching of my own I've read that this may be a permissions issue (no previous issue with permissions and we followed the best practices from the Microsoft Documentation in setting up the service account with no issues prior to this) Or possibly a DFSR issue in which case I would have expected the access denied but not wiping all settings out of the GPO.

    Can anyone shed some light on why this may have happened and if you require any further details in order to aid in the investigation.



    Thursday, February 9, 2017 3:11 PM


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