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  • Don't know where to post this but here is the problem:

    I have a network with 4 workstations using a workgroup (no server). One of the workstation's machine name was changed and now one of the other workstations cannot connect to it in the My Network Places - Entire Network - Workgroup interface. I can map a drive letter to the machine using the "Logon as a different user option" and then it will connect correctly even in the My Network Places interface, but if I disconnect the mapped drive it goes back to spitting out a invalid logon message. When I map a drive letter that way, the drop-down list shows the old machine name, which I can change to the new name to make the drive mapping work. It appears to want to use the old original machine name by default whenever there is no active connection to that PC. None of the other workstations in the workgroup are having this issue -- its only on this one machine. And the PC I'm trying to connect to can connect in the other direction just fine.

    My question is, where can I change the logon name/pswd a PC will use by default when you click on one of the computers displayed in the workgroup folder in My Network Places - Entire Network? The first time you do it a login window pops up so you can set it, but from that point on it does not appear.

    All PCs in the workgroup are running Windows XP Pro 32-bit + SP1 + SP2 + SP3. They all have File And Printer Sharing enabled and NetBIOS enabled over TCP/IP. Firewalls are configured to trust all PCs whose IP address is in the range our router uses.

    Thankyou in advance for any insight you can provide...
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