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  • Hi I've got one weird problem.

    I have a site with 2 subsites below it, I'll call them subsite A and subsite B, each subsite has permissions broken in order to allow only certain groups in (A can't see B, B can't see A).  I've created secure groups to view these sites,  Security Group A has access to subsite A, Security Group B has access to subsite B.  Security Group A has nested groups in it.  These groups do not show up as an option to audience target, even though all of my groups in AD are security groups (not just distribution groups).   

    When I log in with a login that is supposed to work with subsite A (the login is a memeber of one of the nested groups in the group A security), the subsite does not show up on the nav bar, but I can access it through All Site content.  Weird that it doesn't show up in the nav even though I can see it in all site content no?  If I'm on the All Site Content page and login with the A account, only the A subsite shows, if I login with the B account, only the B subsite shows.  So security trimming is kinda working (not on the nav bar for some reason).

    When I log in with a login that is suppoosed to work with subsite B, all is fine, subsite b shows up in the nav, I have access, and everyone is happy

    I also have two content editor webparts on the homepage that have audience targeting.  If I use audience targeting on these webparts and use the security group A and security group b, they don't show up all all for the users. 

    So it seems that security is working, but there is something about displaying items that is not working.  Neither webpart shows up -no matter what security group I use to login, and only the b site shows up for the b login. 

    We are doing a custom import for our AD groups, not the full tree, which I suspect is part of the issue, but not sure.  I'm thinking that the nested groups are not part of the pickup.  Still doesn't explain why the audience targeting on the webparts isn't working.

    Any help out there????


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  • Hi,

    Thanks to share your post.

    For the issue, as my opinion, Make sure the group(s) have explicit access rights to the site i.e.
    add the AD group(s) you want to use for 
     targeting to the site members or visitors group

    Make sure there are no access rights issues in AD. We had an issue using an AD group in SharePoint and it turned out there was a permissions issue with the SharePoint service account accessing the OU containing some of the users in the group.

    And please also refer to this article:


    Hope this could help you!


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