Issues with Database, software vender is horrible support for SQL


  • Ok for some time I have tried to fix issues with our SQL server and have fix a few smaller issues but now it is time to tackle the big issued.  Any help is appreciated. 

    We have a software program called Visual (from Infor, not Microsoft's Visual).  It is SQL 2008 R2 SP2 database, Tier 2 type setup (software connects directly to database).

    We need to change product code numbers and in order to do so we need to use their utility, only problem is that it takes 19 days to make 2 changes (we need to make a lot more than that) and the database is only 13GB and you cannot use the database when the utility is running.  This utility touches EVERY object in every table even if it is not needed.  The machine I am currently running it on has one of the highest specs of all hardware resources, faster than most servers (Haswell 4770k, 4 raid 0 ssd, DDR 32GB 2800).  We are also having other issues that points to the database as well, mostly performance related.

    After 6ish months of getting no/stupid results from our support (direct from Infor) I started to look into the issue myself but am not a huge SQL guy, can setup,find my way around using google, and run query's and that's about it.

    I have tried, defragging, indexing, and other various stuff I cannot think of, little to no help.

    My thoughts is that there is a loop somewhere that is causing the process to slow down.  I would like to think it is not the utility as other companies are able to run it with better timing than us.  Is there anything query I can run or something to help? Any other ideas or questions?

    When monitoring it through Activity Monitor in SQL studio I will often see this is the top item being executed "fetch ms_crs_aliases into @alias" instead of a table or object.  And it seems to stay on a table or object to long like a minute or 2 for a area that only has 20 option's in the program.
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