Database not showing in Sql query analyzer and also in DSN connection


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    I have one Database back up name as HAMD . I just created a new database with name as HAMD and restored the HAMD.bak file to newly created Database. Now the problem is I can see the database in Enterprice manager sql 2000 and also I can see the tables under this Database.  But When I am try to connect via DSN , I can not see the Database name in DSN(ODBC DATA administration of DSN) . Same Way I cannot see when I connecting Sql query analyser .

    why it not showing the above two places and how to show this one?

    Can anyone help to show it or give me some tips also.

    I have SQL2000


    Sunday, September 08, 2013 10:39 AM


  • Did you hit refresh?  Restart Query Analyzer?

    On the DSN screen, can you just enter the database name?

    You need to upgrade to SQL Server 2012!  You are 12 years behind times. Soon 14 years.

    BOL: "Connect to an instance of Microsoft® SQL Server™ to open a query window in SQL Query Analyzer. If you access SQL Query Analyzer through a connection in SQL Server Enterprise Manager, a query window opens automatically. 

    If you access SQL Query Analyzer without first establishing a connection, the Connect to SQL Server dialog box is displayed to allow you to specify a database server. This dialog box is also accessible from the toolbar, and from the Connect command on the File menu.

    To connect to SQL Server

    1. In the Connect to SQL Server dialog box, enter the name of the database server in the SQL Server box. 

      To select the local server, select (local).

      To specify another server or another instance of the server, enter the server name in the SQL Server box. Click the browse button (...) to display a list of active servers. The servers are listed using the format servername\instancename.

    2. Click Windows NT Authentication to connect using Windows NT Authentication.


      Click SQL Server Authentication to connect using SQL Server Authentication.

      Security Note  When possible, use Windows Authentication.

    After you have connected to an instance of SQL Server, you can establish additional connections through the Connect to SQL Server dialog box or you can open a new query. In the latter case, the Connect to SQL Server dialog box is not displayed."


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    Sunday, September 08, 2013 3:04 PM