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  • Good day to all.

    Very new to DPM (former TSM admin here, so don't hold that against me).  Specifics first ...

    DPM 2012 R2 running on Windows 2012.

    Dell TL4000 tape library with 2 drives and ~40 slots using LTO-5 media (for long term retention)

    My biggest question revolves around how DPM manages tapes.  I have 3 tapes listed as 'Expired' under "Offsite Ready" in the console.  Does that mean the entire tape contains data that is past the retention period?  If so, since I'm not using library sharing, I don't need to do anything to make DPM use those tapes, correct?  Is there any harm in marking them as free?

    I also have ~20 tapes that are greater than 90% capacity.  Is there any harm in removing them and adding fresh new tapes?  Will DPM try to reuse them at a later date if we remove them and thus cause a job to hold/fail?

    How does DPM reconcile tapes?  If I have 20% free space on 15 different tapes, is it possible to consolidate them into the least amount of tapes?  Is this automatic?  Can I force this to happen?

    I'm asking these questions because we are constantly having to add new tapes to the library, but I know we aren't using all the tapes to 100% capacity before DPM selects a different tape.

    Thanks for your help.

    Tuesday, October 13, 2015 8:35 PM

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  • If a tape is marked as expired and you are not using tape library sharing then DPM will overwrite this tape as needed. I can only assume that DPM will use empty tapes first before overwriting expired ones. Maybe someone else hase some insight on this.

    If you remove a tape from the library which is offsite ready you won't see it in the GUI anymore. There is a tape management report which you should look at once per week for instance. This report tells you which tapes are due online in the next week(s) and which tapes are overdue.

    DPM does not reconcile tapes. If there is at least one recovery point which isn't yet expired on the tape, the tape will not be used. Only tapes where all recovery points are expired will be used.

    You should look into tape optimization (Management, Librarier, Optimze usage) to write data of different protection groups with similar tape recovery schedules to the same tapes.

    Wednesday, October 14, 2015 3:29 PM