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  • Hi All,


    Hoping someone might be able to help.. I'm very new to Power BI but I'm figuring it out in general around dax/formulas etc. I'm not sure on a fundamental part of it at the moment and struggling to find an answer online. I'll try and explain:


    I'm pulling data from Google analytics as a query, I need to transform this data a few times which is all good. What I realised though is later on I needed to add another metric in from Google Anlaytics, but becasue I had transformed the data in the power query, I didn't have the option to select "Add items" under cube tools.


    When I remove the transformations which I've done, I can then go and add metrics from the source (Google analytics).


    To get round this, I've left the original data set from GA as it is, and then created a new table using dax with the query below


    ProductDataTable = SELECTCOLUMNS('All Web Site Data',
    "Default Channel Group",[Default Channel Grouping],
    "Month Of Year",[Month of Year],
    "Product Revenue",[Product Revenue],
    "Product SKU",[Product SKU],
    "Quantiy",[Unique Purchases],
    "Unique Purchases",[Unique Purchases]

    This way, I can go and add metrics (from ga) into the original query if for some reason I need to, and then any transformations I can make in my 'ProductDataTable' table.


    hopefully I've explained that ok, what I'm trying to find out is, am I over complicating things here/doing it wrong by creating the new table, or should I actually just be able to make the transformations to the original query form GA while also pulling in additional metrics from the source when needed. I just can't figure out how to update the GA source once I've made a transformation there.


    Any help would be greatly appreicated! Feel like if I can undertand this then I'll be in a lot better position!

    I'm having an issue posting in the power bi forum too so hopefully here is ok..

    Many thanks,



    Wednesday, February 26, 2020 10:18 PM