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  • Hello all,

    first off: I know this isn't SharePoint Server Related, but I couldn't find a fitting category for SharePoint Online. If there is, I am happy to take any advice.
    Regarding the actual problem we have:
    Ever since we migrated our file structure to SharePoint Online (we explicitly wanted SharePoint to be able to use Teams on top of it), we have big problems when it comes to copying/moving files around.
    First issue: The performance is extremely slow. We started out with the OneDrive Sync Client, but because we had issues with files not syncing correctly or not at all and just general reliability concerns, we switched over to the SharePoint Online web interface. When trying to move folders between SharePoint sites, it takes extremely long. One example would be a folder with about 7GB split across round about 300 files. Moving this folder to another site took somewhere between 3-4 hours (if it even gets moved completely, more on that later).
    We already talked to MS support regarding this, end of the story pretty much is, that the issue apparently lies in our local infrastructure and internet connection. Weird, since (from what I understand) the process should happen exclusevly in SharePoint Online, especially when using the web interface. Besides that, there is absolutely no activity happening on our internet connection when doing that copy/move.
    Second issue: Copying or moving files in the web interface is pretty unreliable. More than once I tried to move some folder, and weirdly the move completed within a couple of seconds. After checking the newly created folder in the destination, only the folder structure and maybe some files actually ended up there. The rest is still at the source location, leading to inconsistent file structures.
    Both issues are something I really don't expect from an enterprise product like SharePoint Online, and I am quite surprised to find only very few informations about this online (compared to how many people actually use the product).
    Does anyone have similar issues, or has at least heard of them? Maybe even have a solution?
    Only things I found so far are:
    1. Live with it
    2. Use OneDrive Client (which is kind of a no-go for us because of reliability)
    I am looking forward to any feedback!
    Thursday, October 15, 2020 7:38 AM

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