What to do if one of your phones gets stolen and you have the app installed on both phones ? RRS feed

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  • Hello !

    I have some trouble finding right solution for my problem on the net, so I figured out it's  better to ask for advices here.

    At my workplace we had armed robbery and among the stolen objects was also an iphone device of mine.

    The problem is I have the authenticator app both on my iphone 6s and on the iphone 5c , and it's the iphobe 5c that got stolen. Since I only used it for work purposes I had two or Three of my most important emails connected in the authenticator app. Worst of all I didn't have an updated apple-id on the device which could locate it. So I'm just terrified that the robbers whould somehome also unlock the phone and use the authenticator app to get access to my emails in the future and with the codes from the app.

    I have also been on my all emails to check any unnatural activities on the security settings and thank God nothing unusual only myself have been loging in.

    My main question is how do I disconnect  that device and all it's main activity and accessibility to may emails now when the phone is stolen ? The authenticator app generates a new code every 30 seconds. will same code show on different devices ?Would changing password have any effect ? What If I deactivate the authenticator app on all emails and remove them from my current iphone device will is till remain connected on the other device ? what if I deactivate and remove Everything and start over again. will it sync on the other phone automatically ? will it give me some QR code to scan in and connect like the first time? Will everythinng be identical as Before or new process will start and the the stolen device won't be recognized any longer ?

    Please help me because all these questions makes me getting migraine!

    Thank you in advance !

    Kind Regard

    // Talo

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