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  • MS Project 2003 - Master Project and Resource Pool - No matter which file I use to update the Standard calendar for nonworking days, they disappear when I save the file(s). I have several sub project files, a resource pool and a master project. Do I have to have all of the files open to cascade the Std calendar changes? This also happens with changes to the individual resources' calendars - they don't save.

    I am using the Project Guide wizard to edit the standard calendar for company holidays and the individual resources calendar in the Resource Information card, Working Time tab for their vacation days.

    Monday, November 19, 2012 10:47 PM

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  • gerimc2,

    You should be able to update resource calendars in the pool file since that is the "origin" of those shared resources. Are you saying that when you do that, and save the resource pool, the changes don't stick?

    With reference to project/task calendars, each subproject contains its own customized project/task calendar, and the master file has its own project/task calendar so trying to change the project/task calendar at master level will NOT change the project/task calendar of the subprojects. I recommend you open one of the subprojects, customize the project/task calendar with your non-working days and then save that subproject. You can then use the Organizer to transfer that calendar to each of the other subprojects and to the master. An easier approach may be to customize a copy of the standard calendar in your Global and then assign that as the project/task calendar in each of your subprojects and master file.

    Hope this helps.


    Tuesday, November 20, 2012 2:30 AM