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  • PFDAVadmin tool can help you on most of mailbox or public folder issues, such as duplicate folder items, mass folder permissions. It can even check additional attributes which you cannot view on Outlook.

    [Note]: This tool can only be used in Exchange 2007 and 2003, in Exchange 2010, Exfolders takes replace of it.

    Here, we will share an example about how to use this tool:

    [Fix the permission on shared calendar]

    1. On a client machine, if it is a XP machine, we may also need Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. We can download it from the link below:
    2. Download PFDAVAdmin tool from the link:
    3. Uncompress the contents into a folder. Double click “PFDAVAdmin.exe”.
    4. Click File->”Connect”. Input the Exchange Server name, Global Catalog name. Clear the “Authenticate as currently logged-on user” option, input Exchange administrator’s username and passwords in it.
    5. Click All Mailboxes. Click “OK”.
    6. Expand Mailboxes. Expand the account whose calendar shared to other users and users cannot delete appoints on it.
    7. Expand Top of Information Store”, click on “Calendar”. Right click it and select “Fix folder DACLs”. As shown below:
    8. On the pop-up Fix Folder DACLs” window, under “Folder selection”, click “The selected folder and all subfolders”. Select “Read-Write” mode. Click “Execute”. As shown below:
    9. Right click Calendar and select “Folder permissions”. Check whether the user we grant the Owner permission list have owner permission there. If the permission is not correct, click “Add”, input the user’s alias, click “Search” button, click “OK” to add the user. As shown below:

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