Script 70: Permission denied with popupmenu.js RRS feed

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  • The drop down menu not showing on documentum using java 6u25 on ie11 giving script 70: permission denied on line 305 bolded below: 

    // Sanity check - make sure we've got a reference to the popupWnd.
    // in which case we'll try to set it up here.
    if (group.popupWnd == null)
    var targetFramePath = getAbsoluteFramePath(group.targetFrameName);
    group.popupWnd = eval(targetFramePath);
    var wnd = group.popupWnd;
    while (wnd != null)

    I searched for a solution and found "MS16-104: Security update for internet explorer" but the kb3191336 could not be found on Microsoft catalogue to be downloaded

    3191336 "Permission Denied" script error in Internet Explorer 11

    Please help.

    Tuesday, December 25, 2018 6:17 AM