Surface Pro 3 and MDT 2013 Password Lockouts. RRS feed

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  • Hi Guys,

    I'm having an issue currently with my Surface Pro 3 locking out mapping accounts for MDT.  I'm wondering if anyone here has run into this as it's really confusing me at the moment.  Here's what is currently happening -

    1 - Device boots to MDT Share, tech enters UID/PW. -- Most times this works, though something seems to be getting cached somewhere, and domain is not accepting valid passwords from the device.  Seems like auth is completely broken to the device.

    2 - Device applies image and boots to ltibootstrap, device fails to map deployment and log drives with error of reference account locked out. 

    I have a Surface Pro 3 in front of me currently, and it will not accept valid user/passwords.  I have Surface Pro 1&2, Dell Venue 11, and Lenovo models all functioning properly from this deployshare, but this SP3 is killing me.  Anyone here run into domain join accounts being locked out or MDT/WinPE locking out reference accounts?  Any helps appreciated, thanks.


    EDIT: Note that I've tested this over several devices now and they all seem to lock me out on any account with access to network drive with MDT data.
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