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  • I am wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior and if so, have found a work around.

    I am running ps 2013 on prem with a December 2015 CU. I have a SharePoint list for idea creation. I am also running in project permissions mode which may be the issue. 

    I am able to create projects, map custom fields etc. However, there are two unique things that do not work:

    1. The project start date cannot be set when using a schedule template (Template start dates work fine if I create through PWA). The start Date is correct if I use the enterprise project with no template
    2. The project owner is set to the person who pushes the "create Project" button no matter the mapping. I have tried every combination of names possible, email, claims, domain email etc. the creator of the list item does not matter. it is who pushes that button. the project setting in the list setting part etc.

    Of course I can, and am changing it after. However, there are a number of things that are problematic with this. 

    • When you change it after and have a workflow involved it is much trickier for the average user
    • The associated "Project Site Owner" is set to the person who is the project owner - thus the one who pushed the button. This does not automatically get updated so later on when the PM wants to add people (like business stakeholders) to the SharePoint site who are not in the ERP. They do not have permission to do so and so there must be some manual work by either an admin or the one who pushed the button.  


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  • Bob,

    1) I am on PS2013 Oct 2015 CU, and I am not seeing an issue with the Start Date. I have created a project with a template attached, with the designated start date via the idea list. Is the start date field in the list actually a date column, and is it mapped undet List Settings >> Project Server Settings?

    2) I agree with you. I remember this was a change they made sometime last year. Not sure of the technical reasons.

    I wonder if you can write a simple workflow to create the project with the mapping above. Will test and let you know.


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    Wednesday, January 27, 2016 7:25 PM
  • It is both. I have created a template with no tasks in it. created a new list etc. It is strange as soon as I save from Project pro as a template I lose the start date if I create from the list. Of course no problem If I create from web app. .


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