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  • hello everyone I'm trying to import users from a csv file into a AD group  with this script but I always and continuously receive errors.
    the first part works normally but the second part where I have to import from a specific column I always have errors of cannot validate argument or parameter 'Membres'
    do you have any useful suggestions?
    below the script, thanks

    $gruppo = Read-host -Prompt "group from extract user"


    #$esporta = Read-Host -Prompt "Molto bene, ora indicami il percorso sul quale vuoi salvare il file csv generato (es. c:\temp\NomeFile.csv)"

    #$filename = $gruppo

    $esporta = "Q:\DOCs_Jack\UTENTI\Powershell_Script\$gruppo.csv"


    Get-ADGroupMember -Identity $gruppo | Get-ADUser -Properties Mail, DisplayName, LastLogonDate | Select-Object @{Label = "First Name";Expression = {$_.GivenName}}, 

                      @{Label = "Last Name";Expression = {$_.Surname}},

                      @{Label = "Display Name";Expression = {$_.DisplayName}},

                      @{Label = "Logon_Name";Expression = {$_.sAMAccountName}},

                      #@{Label = "Full address";Expression = {$_.StreetAddress}},

                      #@{Label = "City";Expression = {$_.City}},

                      #@{Label = "State";Expression = {$_.st}},

                      #@{Label = "Post Code";Expression = {$_.PostalCode}},

                      #@{Label = "Country/Region";Expression = {if (($_.Country -eq 'IT')  ) {''} Else {''}}},

                      #@{Label = "Job Title";Expression = {$_.Title}},

                      #@{Label = "Account Status";Expression = {if (($_.Enabled -eq 'TRUE')  ) {'Enabled'} Else {'Disabled'}}},

                     # @{Label = "Company";Expression = {$_.Company}},

                     # @{Label = "Description";Expression = {$_.Description}},

                     # @{Label = "Department";Expression = {$_.Department}},

                     # @{Label = "Script_accesso";Expression = {$_.scriptPath}},

                      @{Label = "OU";Expression = {$_.distinguishedName}},

                      @{Label = "Email";Expression = {$_.Mail}},

                      #@{Label = "Manager";Expression = {%{(Get-AdUser $_.Manager -server $ADServer -Properties DisplayName).DisplayName}}},

                      #@{Label = "Manager";Expression = {%{(Get-AdUser $_.Manager -server $ADServer -Properties DisplayName).DisplayName}}},                  

                      @{Label = "Last LogOn Date";Expression = {$_.lastlogondate}} | 


                      Export-Csv $esporta -NoTypeInformation -Delimiter ";"


    $msg = 'want import user in another group? [Y/N}'

    #$Logon_Name = $user.SamAccountName

    $Logon_Name = $_.sAMAccountName   

        do {

                $response = Read-Host -Prompt $msg

                if ($response -eq 'y')            


                $gruppo1= Read-Host -Prompt "Name of group want import user"

                $a= Import-Csv $esporta | % {$_.'Logon_Name'}

                Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $gruppo1 -Members $a #(Add-ADPrincipalGroupMembership -Identity $esporta -MemberOf $esporta) #Add-ADPrincipalGroupMembership -identity $Logon_name -MemberOf $gruppo1 #% {$_.'Logon Name'} | Add-ADGroupMember $gruppo1 -Member Samaccountname #% { Add-ADGroupMember $gruppo1 -Members SAMAccountName }


               } until ($strQuit -eq "N")     

    Friday, October 4, 2019 10:07 AM

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  • You need to provide the delimiter while importing the CSV file as well.

    $a= Import-Csv $esporta -Delimiter ";"| % {$_.'Logon_Name'}

    • Proposed as answer by Hasan Reza Friday, October 4, 2019 12:43 PM
    Friday, October 4, 2019 10:42 AM
  • thank you very much I was going crazy and in the end as I imagined it was a simple thing are the first steps with powershell for me thanks again
    Friday, October 4, 2019 12:38 PM
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    Friday, October 4, 2019 2:27 PM
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