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    hi to all i have a compaq laptop with windows vista on it... the prob u have is that when i solve my problem regarding the dvd and cdr,,, the solution i did is that i deleted one of my filter and it realy work because my laptop can read a dvd already but what happened next is that i cannot open a movie from the internet that needs to be open in my windows media player...it says that a problem has cause the program not to work properly... if anyone could help regarding my problem please i need my laptop to be fix as soon as possible... thanks
    Friday, April 4, 2008 10:42 AM

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  • The reason Windows Media player is not running is because of real player isn't fully uninstalled or is conflicting with windows player. I uninstalled real player and media player works. When you wmv files in real player. solution is just unistall real player. it works for me. Real player is conflicting with media player by intentionally shutting down windows player or unintentionally. windows player is free and real player is not so go figure.

    It's such and easy fix and i'm surprise nobody at microsoft or any A+ tech didn't give an answer.

    Uninstally real player or unassociate windows media player from real player

    real player needs to be completely removed including the registries and leftover files that isn't removed from the unistall in control panels. That is something microsoft needs to do is to have complete removal of software installed in windows.

    I just unistalled real player.


    reboot and voila. windows media now opens. Wow.


    simple solution. and you 'genious' gave me a 2 page solution that doesn't work. or half baked solution.
    If the uninstall from windows doesn't work....you can use a free unistaller it's free to unistall completely the program as last resort. I used revo uninstaller at download.com/ This software been installed 4 million times and it should be in windows vista or windows 7. it completely removes the files that real player leaves in your computer with the uninstall program in windows..windows vista doesn't remove the registries or files leftover files from unistall. Use at own risk as the software is shareware. it works for me.


    IMO, programs like real player have too much advertising thus so don't install DIVX player too.
    There is a reason real player and DIVX player is free. They have advertising and and screws up your other windows programs.

    After I completely unistall real player and DIVX players, many of the windows crashing or windows media player not opening stopped. Simple solution. These two programs are crashing the windows player or windows security is preventing some execution or software conflicts.

    I can't believe that many posts in the internet and all bad wrong answers.
    i posted as BABEWATCH at microsoft ...absolutely no support from microsoft and microsoft is making billiosn in profits....talk about corporate america. they don't care about the customer. the customer has to help themselves.

    Sunday, October 23, 2011 7:49 AM