Download Snapshots Directly. PowerPivot Performance


  • Hi!!

    We have deployed a PowerPivot instance in a server and have a couple of users utilizing it. The high mayority of them use Excel 2007. Which means they will access the reports utilizing a snapshot or from the web site, but:

    1. They say opening each workbook is VERY slow.
    2. They have to open it and wait for the loading to download a snapshot.

    The workbook has 50+ sheets and on each it has one or more pivot table/charts. No slicers in any sheet.
    So, is there any way of downloading an snapshot without having to wait for Excel Services to load the workbook?
    Or, is there any way in which I can improve Excel Services loading time?
    Or, Any way in which I can make an Excel 2007 "Thin" client that syncs with the workbook published in Sharepoint?
    Or, Any other creative way to solve this issue :) ?

    Thank you so much. We really really appreciate all help we have been given wi

    th forums.

    Thanks again,

    Carlos Roberto

    Carlos Roberto Vargas
    Wednesday, May 11, 2011 2:35 PM


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