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  • I was wondering if someone has ideas or could point me in a direction. We are using DPM to backup our environment. We are facing large data like fileserver with 30 TB of initial data. Due to consolidation/changes we believe it will grow to 80 TB in 2 years. We are doing a project which will add 25 TB of initial data in our SQL environemnt... All the data is on SANs but productive data and backup data are on different SANs.

    So I was wondering how do others handle larger amounts of data with DPM? What SAN integration are there? You know I was thinking that it would be great if DPM integrates into SAN - like they started with SCVMM where you need the SMI-S provider... That way I would only have to connect the two SANs and not have to backup data using "normal" network. In addition I could connect those SAN using "better technologies" like 10 GB networks and not have to upgarde my whole environment only the SAN environment... I could do backups/restores so much faster...

    I know about the "SAN recovery option" but as far as I understand that only works on the same SAN.(?)

    Thursday, August 9, 2012 5:08 PM


  • Hi Sore,

    There is no much SAN integration built in DPM yet. As you mentioned you got the option of performning SAN based recovery but this needs the SAN to be able to perform cloning of the SAN disks.

    SMI-S would be a great thing and I'm hoping for that to come.

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    Friday, August 10, 2012 7:28 AM