Real Time Monitoring RRS feed

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  • There is an option to monitor Network Devices in SCOP (System Center Operations Manager). I have added network switches and routers in SCOP. It shows me the status of healthy for all of them. But what i really want to see is real time monitoring where it should show  me a graph whether the switch is up or down. The graph should update automatically each sec/min.  I don't want just a report. I want to see real time monitoring of switches and routers USing SCOP. Is it possible how i can achive this goal. Can someone help me out ?

     What i get in SCOP for network devices is real simple report.


    Can i make diagram like :


    Router ---------------> Switches --------------------> servers ----------------> computers

    Suppose if switch goes down then it should give red blinking light for that particular switch in the diagram. Similar to something like you get in ORION solar wind software. Guys who have used solarwind orion software will know what im talking about 

    Cerebral Assasin
    Monday, April 19, 2010 5:33 PM