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  • I appreciate any input on this.  Unfortunately, I have been thrust into a network admin position without really having the background (recently at least).  I am sure I will ask many questions in the future. 


    I am looking at using SteadyState on some shared computers that I have responsibility over.  The environment includes Dell Desktops running Windows XP Professional and McAfee Anti-Virus enterprise suite.  I also have approximately 25 mobile computers mounted in cars running primarily Windows 2000, which will be updated to current machines running Windows XP Pro as the budget allows.  The mobiles operate with a TCP/IP data connection over radio to one application on the network, but are not connected via an aircard or such to the network as a whole.


    The network is running a Windows Server 2003 environment with Active Directory.  We have not been using Group Policy, but we are moving twoard implementing some GP during the summer.  We are redirecting the users My Documents folder to the network.


    My primary concerns currently are making sure that McAfee can perform the updates it needs to perform while I have SteadyState installed on the machines.  Is there any way to identify "trusted" applications, such as anti-virus programs? I am also looking for any input on setting up SteadyState in the Active Directory environment with users using their existing Windows Logons.  I have read the SteadyState manual, but am seeking any imput to avoid problems.


    After the first round of machines, I will be moving to a few machines that have users who have Exchange email accounts and am sure I will also need advice on setting up Outlook.


    It sounds like SteadyState will really help, especially with our shared, mission-critical workstations, but I want to try to make inital attempt as problem free as possible for the users.  (It will already be a huge adjustment for them, since they essentially have all had administrative rights on the machines!)


    Am I even barking up the right tree?


    Thanks in advance for any information!

    Monday, May 26, 2008 2:53 AM


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