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  • we currently run DPM as our backup solution which I want to extend into Azure.

                                  This is quite straight forward for backing up but the restoration documentation seems  to be less intuitive.

                                  We would only really need the cloud DPM vault if we had a total loss DR situation at head office and would need to recover and launch our VM's (all servers are visualized) within azure until an alternative office is obtained.

                                  Azure SIte recovery is ideal and would be used for 5 main server but we would also (less urgently) need to get another 20 launched. It wouldnt be cost effective for us to have all 25 running on the site recovery service especially as they are low priority and hopefully never needed.

                                  All restoration instruction seem to involve restoring using DPM manager but of course this wouldnt be available if our HO burnt to the ground and you cant access the vault from an alternative DPM server hosted in Azure.

                                  We have full redundancy in the office and VM replicated with storage spaces and though about utilising hyper-v's 3rd office site replication but again, you cant have hyper -v manager in Azure

                                  Any ideas?

    Wednesday, May 6, 2015 9:36 AM

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  • Hi,

    You can restore files backed up to your Azure Backup Vault without your DPM-server from an ordinary Windows Server. You will however need the same Azure enctryption passphrase as when you set up the protection on the DPM-server.

    I wrote an guide on how to restore the DPM Database from an Azure Backup Vault if the DPM-server is unavaliable and my guess is that you can use it to restore your VHDs aswell: Restore DPM DB from Azure Backup Vault.

    After the VHDs has been restored you should be able to upload them to Azure as Disks and create new Azure VMs from them(there is several guides online on how to do this).
    I have not tested this scenario myself so I cannot guarantee it will work but I hope it helps you find a solution to your environment!

    Kind Regards

    Monday, June 1, 2015 1:42 PM