Windows 10 ruined my computer. RRS feed

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  • first of all, i turned off automatic updates and my computer still updated to windows 10. then windows 10 completely fucking ruined my computer, specifically Fl Studio. so i reverted back to windows 8, everything works except guess what, FL fucking studio. ive tried every possible thing i could find about the issue and so far havent been able to fix shit. now im extremely furious about this, thats one of the only goddamn things i use on this computer, and after six months of trying to fix it im fucking angry. this is 100% windows 10 and i feel i need to be compensated because at this point i might have to get a new computer which i dont want to have to do, because it is a great computer that still works perfectly other than what your update so specifically destroyed. fix this shit. now.
    Tuesday, August 9, 2016 11:04 PM