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    We are trying to build and image for some of our laptops with Windows Steady state on them and want to use the automatic updates for updating Windows and our anti-virus. We are using AVG 8.0 along with the SteadyState scripts provided from their website. I am not sure exactly how it starts, but I end up with a laptop that is sitting at the login screen with a messge about updates being installed and that it will reboot when complete. The problem is that it never reboots or completes.


    These laptops are not always connected to the network. They have USB broadband cards in them and are only connected to the network when a logged in user manually initiates a connection. So I am wondering if the fact that the computer is not connected to the network when it reboots is what is causing it to hang. I would think that the updates would be downloaded and cached so that a network connection is not necessary after it reboots.


    I need to find a solution for this. Any suggestions?


    Can I use SteadyState to update AVG but not perform Windows updates? When I enable updates in SteadyState, it already has Windows Update listed in section 2 and does not allow me to disable it.

    Friday, January 9, 2009 10:13 PM



    Hi Jeff, thanks for posting here. I would like to inform you that we need Internet connection to complete Schedule Software Updates. If you are using this kind of USB broadband card which needs manually logging on, I'm afraid those updates cannot be installed properly and it will "stuck" on the update mode unless you modify the vbs file.


    You can modify the WindowsUpdates.vbs script to connect to mobile broadband provider first. However, please be very cautious. These scripts must not show any UI nor require any user input.  If they do, the script will simply hang.  Because the scripts are run from the service desktop, UI that they attempt to present is not visible to users. 


    Also, we cannot disable Windows Update from Schedule Software Updates separately.


    Hope this helps!

    Monday, January 12, 2009 6:05 AM