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  • Hi Friendos,

     I am a bit lost getting my region, language, time zone and keyboard layout together.

    At the Moment i have a Powershell skript ready to get deployt via Intune with the Following Commands:


    #Luxembourg -

    Set-WinHomeLocation -GeoId 147 # Set Luxembourg - Country or Region Setting

    Set-Culture de-DE # Set German - Regional Time & Date Format

    Set-TimeZone W. Europe Standard Time # Set W. Europe Standard Time - Time Zone

    Set-WinUserLanguageList en-GB, lb -force # Set / Add en-GB & LB(Luxembourgish) - to preferred Languages in settings 


    If i check my WinUserLanguageList it shows me: 

    So i set the LanguageTag (en-GB , lb) on my Set-LanguageList command. So far everything works out fine.


    Let me explain the situation quick:

    - we use Luxembourgish keyboards

    - windows UI Language needs to be english

    - Location needs to bee Lux

    - Browser and App Content needs to be in English aswell


    If I Set-LanguageList to en-GB first first and LB second, - the Content in Browser or apps will appear in English.

    But the en-GB has no LB Keyboard in Options. So Users are going to cry "they need to change their keyboards manually and settings are going to be overwritten by a restaret." I would like to avoid this.

    I did not find a Solution to add a keyboard to a preferrd language via Powershell.


    Let me show this Situation in Gui:

    1. LanguageTag on Set-LanguageList == en-GB     

    2. Check out preferred Languages on Settings:


    3. In Options i only have Keyboard GB and sometimes US 

    Is there a Solution, to add keyboards to a preferred language Tag in this Set-LanguageList Command?

    Wouldn't it be great to add keyboards via powershell to preferred Language settings?

    I would also love to lock all these Options, since User will never understand the Differenz and impact of Region, language and keyboard settings.

    Thank you very much in Advance and kind regards.




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  • Hello Paulson,

    You can use the Set-WinDefaultInputMethodOverride cmdlet, which specifies a default input method for the current user account. 

    More details about this cmdlet, you can click the following link.

    Best regards,

    Andy Liu

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  • Hey Andy,

    Thank you very much for your fast and helpful reply.

    I just added both languages.

    Set-WinUserLanguageList en-GB, lb-LU -force 


    Set-WinDefaultInputMethodOverride -InputTip "046E:0000046E"  (Luxembourgish)

    and a restart it worked out pretty fine.

    Wouldn`t be easier for Companys with an en-LU Option in SetUserLanguageList?

    Like english web and app language & an automatic luxembourgish keyboard only.

    I can t find an entry in MS KLID List. German-LU & French-LU is available.

    Thank you very much and kind regards.


    Friday, October 18, 2019 2:53 PM