Bug on "ADODB.RECORD" ActiveX object on Windows Vista, 7, 8, Server 2008, Server 2012. This Activex is "broken" RRS feed

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  • Hi everyone :)

    Microsoft support staff asked me to post this topic here, so am doing.

    There is a bug on 1 of the ADO objects, the "ADODB.record". When you try to script it to retrieve some file located in a webserver it returns an error that the object is "closed".

    The problem is with the "MSDAIPP.DSO" provider which does not exist anymore since Windows Vista. The module responsible for it is "MSDAIPP.DLL" and someone from the Microsoft team told me the dll was removed for security purposes. Could we know what security risks it involved ?

    Also if we try to use the "open" method using other available providers or an SQL statement, it also returns an error. It seems this ActiveX object was intended to function only with this "MSDAIPP.DSO" provider. So it is currently "broken".

    Possible solutions:

    1) Provide a new light "MSDAIPP.DLL" without security risks only for providing this "MSDAIPP.DSO" provider to ADODB.record object and nothing more.

    2) change the ADODB.record to work with other providers and have another default provider capable of retrieving files on webserver.

    And then provide the updated module(s) in a future update.

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  • I know they did not ask you to post to this forum since it has nothing to do with database design.  In addition, asking "why" questions regarding the reasoning behind any Microsoft decision is generally pointless - even if you know "why" what will that do for you?  I suggest you start looking for a supported solution to address your requirement - whatever that is. 
    Tuesday, July 23, 2013 1:03 PM
  • I am moving this thread to a more appropriate forum.

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  • They told me to put in the Sql forums. I didnt know what of them sorry. anyways, it seems pointless reporting bugs to Microsoft, since they simply brake software without their custommers consent and this is simply annnoying. ADO objects have been long used so breaking one or more of them may cause issues to a lot of custommers and programmers. Please tell me what to do else than I have already done because I offered 2 solutions to the case. It is a simple matter of applying them or applying something they find more suitable. or simply cut off this ADODB.Record Activex from Windows Vista and above since the only working provider has been cutted off. Simple isnt it?

    About time for Micro$oft to change its attitude, or they will lose each time more users to competitors. See the webbrowser area as an example. Starting from IE 9 Microsoft did basicly a copy of Google Chrome. not original at all, but that´s another subject, let´s stay on topic.

    anyway thank you for the feedback.

    Thursday, July 25, 2013 3:28 PM